Legends of Amberland The Forgotten Crown Free


Legends of Amberland The Forgotten Crown is an RPG game for PC published by Silver Lemur Games in 2019. Old 90s game style!

Legends of Amberland The Forgotten Crown PC Game 2019 Overview:

Kind of a game at which we all can find these days. Light, fairy story, chronicle, brave, somewhat funny.

Legends of Amberland The Forgotten Crown Free

The game is a classic western RPG inspired by the games from the 90s. Basically, it’s the kind of game I personally find missing nowadays. Light, fairy tale, epic, heroic and slightly humorous. One that does not take tons of hours to complete or require endless grind to progress. Something that caters to players like me who don’t have tons of hours to beat one game but still like to play and have a sort of nostalgia for the way games were made in the old days.

It was inspired by Dungeon Master, Eye of The Beholder 2, Might & Magic 3-5, Crystals of Arborea (a not so well known prequel to Ishar series), GoldBox series (Champions of Krynn, Dark Queen of Krynn, etc).

Mechanically it’s 100% turn based (so you can go and make tea in the middle of a fight) with grid movement and 90 degree rotation. All this is very fast paced, both combat and travel is really fast. The goal was to cut down the boring parts and flesh out the fun parts. Overall, the mechanics are pretty traditional and straightforward with modern additions like weightless bag combined with equipment encumbrance system.

Features of Legends of Amberland The Forgotten Crown:

  • Party-based (7 heroes, either predefined or manually assembled upon new game).
  • Open world with a big overworld to explore.
  • Fast paced combat. Quick travel. Easy inventory management. No grind.
  • Light, fairy tale like fantasy, epic story about heroes on a noble quest.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10
  • Graphics: Screen resolution minimum 1280×768. OpenGL 2.1 or better.
  • Storage: 99 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: The game should run on almost any hardware, even outdated one.

File Size: 34.3 MB

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