Inugami: Doggy Dojo!


Kazuma is a student and a successor of traditional martial arts. But he, who doesn’t train hard, is sent to an isolated island where a god of martial arts is believed to live. Kazuma meets Tomoe, a god of martial arts, there and she tells him that she will give him a hard training. “But I’ll get your energy in return….” Like this, his erotic training begins….

Title: Inugami-sama to Mujintou Shugyou♪Mezase Gekokujou! ~Nuite wa Naran! Onushi no Chitsudashi de Washi o Ikasetemisei!~
Original title: 犬神さまと無人島修行♪目指せ下剋上!~抜いてはならん!おぬしの膣出しで儂をイカせてみせい!~
Year: Japan 2009-06-05, English Version 2019-03-25
Developer: Norn
Publishers: Cherry Kiss Games
Language: English
Voice: Japanese

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